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"Sisters with the Key to Friendship"

The Bubble Blowing, Confetti Tossing Sisters

key to friendship
Pin designed by Toni Davila

Sisters, that's what we are,
Gathered near, gathered far.
Different backgrounds, and lifestyles too,
Land and cyber chapters, quite a few.

Common bonds, goals and dreams,
Encouraging each other, to live our dreams.
Threads of friendship in sisterhood,
Growing love and respect in all we do.

Sharing our talents with our chapter,
Making our world better hereafter.
Helping each other through the bad and good,
Tightens the bonds of sisterhood.

Sisters by choice, that's what we are,
Around the globe, near and far.

by Jennie Priven ~ 7-9-98

Bubbles of Friendship
by Linda Hagenson

Bubbles of Friendship blowing your way,
sending our prayers and good wishes today.
We send sunshine and rainbows and bright flowers too,
and want you to know that our thoughts are with you.

Beta Sigma Phi sorority is an international women's social, cultural and service organization. Founded in 1931 to provide women with a social outlet, a cultural forum, and an opportunity for service, there are over 250,000 active members worldwide.

Chapters are located in 23 different countries, with chapters in every state in the U.S. and every Province in Canada. Worldwide, chapters donate between 200 - 300,000 hours of time each year to charitable causes, and raise over $2 million annually.

Beta Sigma Phi is the largest Greek letter women's association in the world. It is not a secret group. Beta Sigma Phi is non-sectarian, non-political and not affiliated with any school or university. We do, however, have some chapters on school campuses.

On Line Beta (OL102) is the second on-line Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi and is comprised of members throughout the globe. It was set up with a Career Chapter format, one meeting and one program a month, January through December. With exception to a few holiday weekends, our meetings start on the second Sunday of the month and continue through into the following Tuesday evening.

OLB allows members of other online chapters as well as those in a land chapter to make up a meeting for perfect attendance. Our meetings begin at 3:00 PM Eastern time the second Sunday of every month and last until 10:00 PM ET Tuesday.  If you wish to make up a meeting with OLB, please complete the meeting request form and submit it no later than the Friday prior to that Sunday's meeting.  If we have room on our mailing list, you will be permitted to visit for a period of seven days.   Our monthly program is announced just prior to the close of the meeting and the extra time after the meeting will allow you to take part in our program. We ask that you fill out this form and then click the submit button.  OLB's President will contact you  as soon as possible to let you know your request to make up a meeting with us has been approved.
Click here for the Make Up Meeting Request Form

As in a land Chapter, we have an elected Executive Board, By-Laws and Standing Rules to guide us. Membership dues are $5.00 for the year and this covers the expense of the private Chapter e-mail list.

For information about OLB, email any of the officers or fill out the membership application form.

OLB Executive Officers:

Valerie Davis - President
Susan Hammil - Vice President
Susan Brenner - Secretary
Rebecca Swofford - Treasurer
Cathy Hilden
List Administrator

On Line Beta is celebrating its 17th birthday this year. Visit our Birthday Page

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Memorials to departed sisters
Marcia Black
Barbara Hill
Sherry Cole
Lynne Davidson
Shirley Rich
Liz Ferraro
Linda Pugh

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